•  RESPECT student leadersPhoto by Aiyah Josiah-Faeduwor 

Equity Framework and the Impact on Student Achievement

  • Student Support & Empowerment

  • Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Teaching & Learning

  • Culture, Climate & Belonging

  • Family & Community Agency

  • Accountability & Transparency

Equity Framework

Turnaround Action Plan Context


    Providence Schools’ Office of Equity and Belonging works to promote and sustain a culture of dignity and respect that values equity, diversity, and belonging, increasing equitable access for students, so they may achieve a high quality and competitive education. Our primary functions, aligned with the District’s (TAP) are to:


    • Build equity-focused student leaders (TAP alignment to Excellence in Learning & Engaged Communities)

    • Facilitate and provide access to high quality, equity-focused professional learning (TAP alignment to World Class Talent & Excellence in Learning)

    • Impact the retention and recruitment of Educators of Color (World Class Talent) 

    • Create systems, structures and processes that support equity-focused District policies (TAP alignment to Efficient District Systems)

    • Activate community engagement (TAP alignment to Engaged Communities)


    We value the collective responsibility for recognizing, interrupting and transforming systemic educational inequities, so that social and cultural factors such as race, language and ability are no longer predictors of student success.