• Office of Strategic Community Partnerships

  • A collaborative relationship between the Providence School Department and Community entities that is mutually beneficial and works towards shared goals and purpose through an agreed-upon division of services, outcomes, and financial responsibility.



    • New focused framework for partnerships with community stakeholders that is based on a feasibility study to determine where partnerships with proven Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) and non-profits could benefit schools and students. 
    • Engage non-profit partners to provide out-of-school-time connected to rigorous outcomes that can demonstrate effectiveness over time.
    • Rejuvenate the Strategic Partnership Office to better serve the students, families, and community stakeholders of Providence


  • Components of the Work


    New Partnerships

    Develop new partnerships to enhance and/ or support new and existing initiatives

    Community Resourcces

    Create an interactive and comprehensive list of available community resources

    Defined Processes

    Ensure existing processes to engage and maintained partnerships are clearly defined and understood by partners, school and district personnel


    Develop the infrastructure to improve partnerships experiences through increased relationship building and communication


    Types of Partnerships

    Consideration in any partnership will vary based on the kinds of organizations involved, as well as the intensity and alignment of the proposed partnership. Partnerships are categorized into four ways to helpus determine which kind of working and management relationships works best given the scope of work and level of integration.








    Strategic Collaboration


    Partnerships are formed to exchange programmatic information and services to our families and students. Partnerships are formed to coordinate efforts and identify the targeted audience. The priorities of this partnership are set by the community partner. Partnerships are formed by several organizations coming together to share resources, risks and decision-making. The partnership is set on a strategic direction of programming aiming to support student achievement. Partnerships are formed to share resources, risks, and decision-making. The partnership is set on a strategic direction of programming aiming to support student achievement.


    EXTERNAL REQUESTS for Data and Research (including Community Partners)

    All external (non-PPSD) requestors must use the EXTERNAL Research Request Form below to request district data and research.

    •  - This applies to any person not employed by PPSD who wants to conduct primary or secondary research on PPSD students, faculty, staff, classrooms, schools, parents/families, volunteers, or community members.  Please plan to take 15 minutes to complete this form.