• The Providence Public School District is in the Midst of a Turnaround

    For the students we teach and nurture

    The faculty who engage and inspire

    And the families who trust us with their children every school year

    Turning Hope into Results

    During the 2022-23 school year, Hope High School, Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex, Mount Pleasant High School, DelSesto Middle School, and Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School engaged in a rigorous, data-driven process to redesign their academic programs. Through the redesign process, the district is creating new school options that meet student and family interests and prepare students for success in their post-secondary careers.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Will my student need to go to a new school?
      Current students and families at redesign schools will continue matriculation at their current school. Each redesign school will engage in a “phase-in” process through SY 2026-27. The Class of 2028 (SY 2024-25) will be the first full redesign cohort. That being said, all students will immediately benefit from investments and programs related to school redesign (see below).

    2. How will this impact my student(s)?
      All students will benefit from redesign, as it includes innovative teaching methods such as project-based learning and opportunities to participate in internships and college and career pathways. There will be exploratory options for all students within their current school.

    3. Are redesign schools considered charter schools?
      No, redesign schools are traditional public schools with additional programmatic offerings. There is no affiliation with the charter lottery system.

    4. Do redesign schools charge tuition or any other fees for enrollment?
      No, redesign schools are traditional public schools and do not charge tuition or fees.


    1. How will my student(s) know their options for middle and high school?
      PPSD is a choice district and families will still be provided a Choice Fair. Additionally, PPSD will provide all families impacted by redesign with 2023-24 SY enrollment intent/interest forms.  

    2. What will each school look like? What will be the same? What will be different?
      Each school will hold orientation meetings, information sessions and town halls to provide more specific details and information about their timeline, focus area and themes. More information will be coming out in the next month.

    3. Do all students have to participate in the redesign school’s theme and focus area?
      Each school includes pathways and multiple learning options for students to choose from that will align to their individual talents and interests.

    4. How will the District inform stakeholders on the updates and how can staff, students, families, and community members be involved?
      The district will share monthly updates on the website and stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions through information sessions and surveys. 


    1. Do redesign schools have different graduation requirements?
      No, all redesign schools share the same graduation requirements as other schools in the District. 

    2. How can I learn more and get involved?
      Please check this page frequently for updates. You can also reach out to your redesign school principal to learn more and ask to attend your school’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) and School Improvement Team (SIT) meetings. For additional questions, please reach out to Redesign@ppsd.org