School Improvement Teams


    Student in a classroom

    School Improvement Team (SITs) and Comprehensive School Improvement Team (CSITs) members will develop meaningful school-level community engagement and provide thoughtful feedback on school improvement and/or redesign efforts. PPSD believes that community and family engagement in school improvement and redesign is critical. 

    The district requires schools to undertake an annual needs assessment, perform a root cause analysis, and form SITs and CSITs for the purpose of developing a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). PPSD views the formation of SITs and CSITs as an opportunity to create more meaningful collaboration with families and the community to improve our schools, and it is a key part of our broader strategy to ensure equity and voice for our students and our community. 

  • School Improvement  Teams

    School Improvement Teams (SIT) are mandated by the (2019) and meet monthly to support schools in developing their annual comprehensive school improvement plan (CSIP). SIT members shall be constituted by the following membership roles:

      • Principal
      • Teachers & Education Support Employees
      • Department Heads (if they exist in the school)
        • STEM
        • Humanities
      • Parents (2-3)
      • Students (1-3)
      • Community Representative


    To get involved with your school’s SIT, please reach out to the principal of your school. You can find the district directory here. For additional information on the role of SITs, please see the state’s .*

  • Comprehensive School Improvement Teams

    Comprehensive School Improvement Teams (CSITs) are a combination of SITs and Community Advisory Boards (CAB). CSITs, like SITs, meet monthly to support a school to develop their comprehensive school improvement plan (CSIP) but only for schools that fall into Comprehensive School Improvement (CSI) or redesign status. These are schools that are chronically underperforming and are eligible for additional school improvement funding to support their turnaround efforts. CSITs follow the state’s SIT guidelines but may be offered additional responsibilities to represent the interests of the school to the larger community and to the Council of Elementary and Secondary Education in accordance with the ESSA State Plan.


    The following schools have a CSIT or are in the process of developing them:

    School Status Elementary Middle High

    Alfred Lima ES

    Harry Kizirian ES

    Mary Fogarty ES

    Esek Hopkins MS

    Nathaneal Greene MS

    Roger Willaims MS

    360 HS

    Central HS

    Redesign   Gov. Christopher DelSesto MS

    Dr. Jorge Alvarez HS

    Hope HS 

    Juanita Sanchez Complex

    Mt. Pleasant HS




    * certain guidelines are subject to local and district policies and procedures

  • Volunteer Status

    Parents and community members should review Providence’s volunteer rules and procedures if they are interested in assisting schools with student and family engagement activities. SIT and CSIT members are not considered volunteers as defined by the district approved school board policy and therefore are generally not required to complete a volunteer application.  However, members are welcome to become school volunteers while also getting involved with their SIT or CSIT.