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First Day of School 2023

  • This is going to be the best school year ever! Remember attendance matters! Thanks Governor McKee, Mayor Smiley, Commissioner Infante-Green, Providence College, Hope HS, Kennedy Elementary & Greene Middle School for helping us to kick-off the new year!

Narducci Learning Center Ribbon Cutting

  • Today, we cut the ribbon at the new Narducci PreK-8 Learning Center! It will serve as a district-wide swing space and will be home to Pleasant View Elementary this year. Thank you, former Councilman Narducci and all our partners.

Superintendent Montan?ez Back to School Message

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics

Future Gen Cancer Scholars Summer Program

  • Future Gen Cancer Scholars including students from Classical, Central, and JSEC high schools were recognized for completing their first year yesterday. The program mission is to inspire BIPOC high school students to enter careers in cancer treatment and research.

PPSD Summer Stars Learning Academy

  • Thank you to all the students, staff and families who joined us! Over 3,600 students participated in the PPSD Summer Learning programs and the 13 partner programs.

Central HS CTE Firefighter summer program

  • Thank you to the Providence Fire Department for showing our Central High School CTE students in the program how to repel safely down a building. CTE programs like this not only benefit employers like the Providence Fire Department but also help change the lives of the students who participate in them.

The new Narducci Learning Center

Hope High School Auditorium Ribbon Cutting

  • Last November, RI voters approved ~$1.5B in local & state referendums to create more new & like new schools. Hope High's new auditorium serves as an example of the 21st century learning spaces being built across .

A-Venture Academy Memorial Day Event

  • Students from A-Venture Academy hosted a ceremony in the Remembrance Garden in dedication of the Rhode Island IX, a group of fallen Marines who lost their lives in Lebanon, Beirut. We honor them, and all of our fallen heroes.

Brown University College Day

The new Frank D. Spaziano Elementary School

  • The final beam in the construction project for the new Frank D. Spaziano Elementary School building has been raised to the top of the building. Students had the chance to sign the final beam, along with Governor Dan McKee, Mayor Brett Smiley, Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green, and Superintendent Dr. Javier Montañez. Students and staff are very excited about being able to learn in the new building once it’s finished in the fall.

IT Student Intern Program

  • CTE PTECH students have the opportunity to learn about computers and information technology through paid internships within the District and in area businesses. The internship program is growing at PCTA, and they are working to expand it to other CTE schools in the District. Students have the opportunity to dive deeper into the professional industry and experience working hands-on within the field in advance.

PPSD Leadership Development

  • How does PPSD help APs grow into stronger leaders? A strategic leadership development program. How does it help? “My biggest takeaway is the collegiality and the collaboration. I learn different ways to tailor my leadership."

PPSD Electric Boat Application Day

  • 72 graduating seniors from 7 of our high schools attended the Electric Boat Application Day. Students got the chance to meet with recruiters, and 51 were even offered jobs on the spot! Special thanks to !

#Lunchbag Community Service Day

  • A big thank you to our community partners who helped take part in by helping to serve PPSD families in need and helping to address food insecurity. None of this would have been possible without your help and support!

Central HS Football Decision Day

PPSD RESPECT Conference | Feb 2023 Session

  • Students from nearly every middle school and all high schools convened for the second of three Raising Expectations for Student Perspectives, Experiences, Consciousness, & Traditions (RESPECT) Student Equity Leadership Conferences.

Robert L Bailey, IV Elementary School

  • Robert L. Bailey Elementary School went from a one star to a three star due to their scores in Achievement and School Quality, and Student Success. This is an amazing accomplishment for the school, and we’re so proud of all the hard work they do each and every day. Congratulations!

Blue Wave News Show

  • Hope High School launched their Blue Wave News Show in honor of Black History Month. Under the guidance and leadership of Hope High School teacher, Bianca Bevilacqua, students created and launched the first episode of the new Blue Wave News Show. The video is seven minutes long and they plan to do this every other week, and then move to every week once students take on more of the logistics/filming on their own. Some things they intend to add is a sports highlight and an alumni segment so students can see the talent that has come out of Hope in the past.

Rising School Star Ratings

  • Ranging from one to five stars, the Star Rating simplifies and summarizes overall school performance, providing an easy to understand snapshot for parents and communities. Robert Bailey Elementary School went from a one star to a three star school due to their scores in Achievement and School Quality and Student Success. George J. West Elementary School went from a two star to a three star school due to their growth in ELA. Nathan Bishop Middle School went from a one star to a two star school due to their growth in ELA as well.

Nathan Bishop Recycling Program

  • Sixth grade science students at Nathan Bishop Middle School, in collaboration with the Rhode Island School’s Recycling Club, have worked on a pilot project to help reduce, recover, and divert food waste away from the central landfill. This is all in anticipation of new Rhode Island legislation that now requires all schools to do so. The DEM Director recently recognized the students and their teacher, Ms. Lindsey Whicker, for their accomplishments toward this objective. Keep up the great work!

PPSD Attendance Heroes - PCTA

  • Beth O'Day-Hall is a Senior School Community Specialist at Providence Career and Technical Academy. She establishes relationships with students and their families to ensure that students come to school each day. Click on the video to learn more about this Attendance Hero, and how you can get involved!

Smart Foxes - "Hour of Code" at Vartan Gregorian Elementary

  • Students at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School took part in the second annual Hour of Code as part of National Computer Science Week! Students engaged in one hour of code during class, and learned so many new computer science skills! Click the video to hear from students about what they learned!

Central High School CTE Firefighter Pathway

  • Exploring CTE Pathways for next year? Check out Central High School's new Firefighter Pathway Program. Registration for CTE Programs begins January 2023.

PPSD RESPECT Student Leadership and Equity Conference

  • Central High School alum & motivational speaker William Winfield came to speak to 60 PPSD middle and high school students about the importance of leadership and equity. Thanks to PPSD's Office of Equity & Belonging for organizing this!

Classical HS Alum and MLB World Series Champion Jeremy Peña's Homecoming

  • Classical alum and Houston Astros shortstop Jeremy Peña came to Providence Career and Technical Academy to speak to fans. The ALCS and World Series MVP shared an inspiring message to a packed house. He was honored by the City and Providence Sports & Leadership. Thanks for coming!

RI Poet Laureate Tina Cane visits Carl G. Lauro Elementary

  • Rhode Island Poet Laureate Tina Cane visited Carl G. Lauro Elementary School to remind students about the power of poetry. Students then did a writing exercise with Ms. Cane, and created their own poem. She also shared how important it is for students to write in different languages, and to use the language they are most comfortable writing in. Thanks for visiting, Ms. Cane!

PPSD MLL Educators - Principal Johnson

  • Meet Rosario Johnson, principal at Frank D. Spaziano Elementary School. Rosario and her family moved to the United States from Ecuador, and started going to school in New Jersey, before moving to Providence with her family when she was in third grade. She continued her education in PPSD, and graduated from Classical High School. Being an MLL student, she said she's grateful for the programs that PPSD has to offer that cater to MLL students, as they helped her while she was in school.

National School Psychology Week

  • November 7th - 11th is National School Psychology Week, and we want to celebrate all our School Psychologists in PPSD! School Psychologists do so much for our students, staff, and schools. They provide academic, behavioral, and mental support, along with doing one-on-one consultations with students and their families. These are just two examples of the many things that School Psychologists do in our District, and this week, we honor and celebrate all that you do. Thank you, we appreciate you!

MLL Educators - Assistant Principal Or

  • Meet Vilai Or, one of PPSD’s many multilingual educators! Mr. Or is an Assistant Principal at Mount Pleasant High School, and is an alumnus of the school. He is happy to be back at his alma mater making a difference in many students' lives.

Patriots at Young Woods Attendance Rally

  • Let's go Pats! Patriots cornerback, Jalen Mills, shares with students why attendance is so important. Special thanks to the New England Patriots, the New England Patriots Foundation, The New England Patriots Cheerleaders, and Pat the Patriot for visiting the students at Young/Woods Elementary School!

PPSD Attendance Academy Community Walks

  • The Attendance Academy helps to develop, train, and improve the attendance intervention strategy at Providence Public Schools. The community walk is a designed communication and delivery method for attendance intervention. Members of the Academy go out into the community and interact with students and families throughout the District, getting them excited about school, and the certain things that administrators and school leaders have planned for Providence Schools.

Classical HS Sailing Team

  • Christopher O'Connell, or Coach O. as he's called, has been a teacher, mentor, and coach for 27 years. He is now taking on a new role as supervisor for Classical High School's Sailing Team. There are no requirements; everyone is welcome to join the team, no matter what their experience level. It's a way for students at Classical to learn the ropes of sailing and develop team-building skills by working together on a boat. Coach O. says it provides an incredible life experience for the students; some who have never sailed before. 

Central HS Food Pantry

  • Central High School, with help from We Share Hope and Sodexo, have developed the Central High School Food Pantry, a collaborative composed of generous food donations. Students and parents are able to come to the Food Pantry to get the essentials they need for themselves and their family. We Share Hope has been partnering with public high schools since 2008, and Central High School stepped up right away to be a part of the collaboration. Central High School is able to store a lot of fresh food because, thanks to We Share Hope, they have a refrigerator that's big enough to store more fresh food, which will help nourish more people. Many people helped to make this program successful, and Providence Schools is grateful for the collaboration of everyone involved. 

West Broadway MS Pre-Engineering Mentoring Program

  • Check out West Broadway Middle School's Pre-Engineering Mentoring Program! From robotics to coding, this program provides hands-on learning for students. Hear from mentors and mentees in the program, and the things they've learned from one another; helping to connect Providence and the District together. 

Hope HS After School Mural Program

  • John River, the Community Specialist at Hope High School, created the Hope High School After School Mural Program for students. This program has introduced artists in the community who serve as mentors and to give them an increased sense of belonging at their school. Students are able to bring a sense of liveliness and culture to the school through the murals painted on the walls in the hallways. It helps give students the opportunity to express themselves and show who they are, while interacting with other students in the school.

Hope HS JROTC field day

  • Students in Hope High School's Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) had a fun experience during Field Day. Members of the JROTC were able to participate in different physical activities to help give them an introductory perspective on the U.S. Military. Along with those activities, they learned about the different positions and jobs in the military, along with the equipment used for those jobs. Some even got to ride in a Black Hawk helicopter! Students also share why they decided to join the program, and the many benefits it provides for them.

PPSD School Social Workers

  • We are so thankful for our Social Workers! They are an integral part of our school community, in that they provide support to students, their families, and also staff and administration. They are embedded in our community, and are able to meet students and families in the position that they're in to provide helpful resources. In this video, you will meet various social workers from different schools in the District explaining their role in the school, and the various resources they provide for students, families, and staff.

PPSD College Fair for Juniors 2022

  • High school juniors from across the District were able to participate in a college fair. Students learned about different colleges in the area, and were able to explore the many academic avenues they could take with each school. The students featured in this video gave unique perspectives as to why the college fair was so helpful for them in planning the next steps in their educational journey, along with expressing the different career paths they want to pursue. 

School Counselor Appreciation 2022

  • It's National School Counselor Appreciation Week! This video highlights the many school counselors working in the school district, along with student testimonials about how school counselors have helped them during their educational journey. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful counselors in our school district that make students' needs a priority, and ensure that they have the necessary resources they need to succeed. Thank you school counselors!

High School Counselors

  • Meet Melissa Guariglia, one of the school counselors at Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School. Ms. Guariglia works with students in grades 9-12, but as the college and career counselor, she works more with students in their senior year. She helps them identify what their next steps are after they graduate; whether it's going to college, going into the military, or directly into the workforce. Providing students with all the necessary resources and opportunities they need after they graduate is an essential part of Ms. Guariglia's role. In this video, you will hear from current seniors who have worked with the college and career counselors at Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School, and the pivotal role they played in the students' lives in helping them prepare for their next steps in their educational journeys.   

Providence Autism School To Tomorrow Academy

  • This video talks about The Providence Autism School to Tomorrow Academy (P.A.S.T.T.A), a transition program for young adults with autism who have met their high school graduation requirements, but need more services to be prepared for life to be independent, successful young adults. Some of the skill sets that are worked on are job skills, social and communication skills, budgeting skills, and much more. They are able to interact with one another, work effectively, and embellish the skills they have to the maximum. By participating in this academy, students learn to become more independent with the various skills sets that are being worked on.  

Senior School Community Specialist

  • What does a Senior School Community Specialist do? Across the District, we have many Senior School Community Specialists (SSCS) that do various things to help bridge parents and the communities to the different schools. They help lead community outreach efforts and programming, serve as a liaison for parent/family student groups, organize and implement mentorship programs, and facilitate restorative conversations. This video highlights two of our many Senior School Community Specialists, and the goals that they hope to achieve in their role during the school year. 

Math Coaches

  • Looking for a new opportunity? Providence Schools is looking for math coaches to serve in our K-12 schools as members of our school leadership teams. They support teachers in providing instructional strategies needed to improve math skills, conceptual knowledge, and problem solving for all students. A coach uses data to identify gaps in learning, and then develops strategies to narrow the gap, eventually eliminating it. They work a lot with teachers to develop action steps on how to teach the students so that they learn at a high level. To apply, visit

PPSD Coaches Retreat

  • Providence Public Schools K-12 Instructional Coaches participated in 5 days of professional development that focused on building their capacity to launch a strong start to the school year. The coaches learned about the different types of coaching, or coaching models, and how they can be used. It was a way for them to learn different ways of coaching people and bringing out the best skills in people. Coaches act as a partner for teachers, instructors, and classroom specialists. This video highlights some of the many things they learned during the 5 days of professional development and how it will help them in their career with students and teachers going forward.

JROTC at Hope High School

  • The Junior Reserves Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) at Hope High School is a unique program that offers many opportunities for cadets that decide to join the program. They teach courses that aren't usually offered in a traditional high school curriculum, such as time management, financial management courses, and service learning. Students in this program grow as individuals, as cadets, and as leaders who are ready to tackle anything. The team building, social skills, and leadership skills students learn through this program can be taken with them anywhere they go, whether it's in the military, college, or the workforce.

Providence Transition Academy

  • In this video, you will learn about the Providence Transition Academy, a unique program that provides comprehensive real-world transition services for students with disabilities ages 18 to 22. It helps students in the transition to employment, independent living, community participation, and more. Students learn in a non-profit business setting while participating in work-based community internships and experiences. Independence is increased by accessing community resources such as banking, healthcare, public transportation, etc. The main goal for the program is employment, for students to be successful, and to have the skills they need to transition into the real world.

Coaching in Providence Public Schools

  • Coaches are an essential part of Providence Public Schools. They are there to support students and teachers, and they are familiar with the leadership and growth potential of the students and teachers they work with. Coaching allows teachers to apply their learning more deeply, frequently, and consistently than when teachers are on their own. Coaches and teachers work together toward the common goal of helping students succeed in the classroom, and providing them with the resources they need. This video goes more in-depth about what a coach does, and the role they play in helping students and teachers.

Teacher Appreciation

  • Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our amazing teachers! What a year it's been, navigating through a global pandemic during our District-wide transformation. Teachers have been instrumental in making sure students continue to get the educational instruction they need, whether it was in the classroom or through zoom. This video features testimonials from students and administrators showing how grateful they are to have such dedicated teachers in the District. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, and thank you for all that you do!

Principal Appreciation - Principals Costa, Biah, Gibbons

  • Principals are an important part of school leadership. They represent caring adults and role models in the lives of their students. For National Principal's Day, we're highlighting the profiles of three principals in our Providence Public Schools. In this video, you meet Tonya Costa, principal at Fortes/Lima Elementary School, Nathan Biah, principal at Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School, and Christina Gibbons, principal at Roger Williams Middle School. Together, they share what it means for them to be a principal, and how they're making a difference in their school communities each day. We are grateful to all of our principals at each of the schools in the District. Thank you for being such great role models for the students. Happy National Principal's Day!

Especialista en comunidad escolar

School Community Specialist

  • Are you looking for a new opportunity to positively contribute to the Providence Public School community? We are recruiting School Community Specialists who will serve as members of our school leadership teams. School Community specialists reinforce the need for accelerated educational efforts to address learning gaps in our secondary, middle, and high schools. They conduct outreach efforts and design programs to improve attendance, student engagement, and family connections to schools. To apply, visit .

Administrative Professionals' Appreciation

  • We want to give a big THANK YOU to all of our Administrative Professionals working in our schools. Secretaries, clerks, and assistants are an integral part of the administration in our schools. They help principals, staff, students, and their families. Administrative Professionals help run the school, and we are grateful for everything they do to make a difference in our schools. Thank you for all that you do! 

Assistant Principal Appreciation

  • It's Assistant Principal's Week, and we want to give a special shoutout to all of our wonderful Assistant Principals across the District! Assistant Principals are another integral part of the school community, in that they are a partner to the school principal, helping them lead the school on a daily basis. They assist not only principals, but students, staff, and families throughout the District. During National Assistant Principal's Week, we want to say thank you for all that you do each day to help lead students to be the best they can be. Happy National Assistant Principal's Week!

CS4RI Computer Science Pathway at Mt. Pleasant HS

  • Check out the Computer Science Pathway Program at Mount Pleasant High School! This program is an opportunity for students to learn skills that can be applied to other classes, as well as any career. They learn how to solve problems and to work collaboratively with other people to reach a common goal. There are many aspects to computer science, such as programming, data, hardware, and software. The program is made up of three courses that include an introduction to computing and data science, advanced placement computer science principles, and advanced placement computer science applications. Students will also have the opportunity to work with mentors in a work-based learning program. 12 college credits can be earned with the Computer Science Pathway Program.

Network Instructional Support Leaders

  • Network Instructional Support Leaders are crucial to the District-wide Turnaround Action Plan in that they work side-by-side with building leaders, assistant principals, and teacher leaders to develop their skills and abilities as an instructional leader in the building. Network Instructional Support Leaders act as coaches for leaders in the school, working one-on-one with them in order to help them improve their skills, and to help these school leaders develop themselves within their role. 

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Empowering School Leaders

  • James Boyd Jr. is the Executive Director of School Supports for the Secondary Network in Providence Public Schools. He helps to support the middle schools and the middle school principals in the District, providing on the ground coaching to ensure that principals become exceptional instructional leaders. Time is spent walking around the schools with the principals, going into different classrooms and looking at data from the classroom walkthroughs to see if certain coaching is needed. It's an opportunity for principals to see if teachers need a bit more support with anything, as well as an opportunity for principals to walk around the school campus as a whole. A great benefit of the network model is that principals are able to become a collaborative team and share ideas with one another. It enables them to become more empowering school leaders.

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    Personalized approach to helping students & families.

Developing Great Leaders - Principal Diakite

  • Meet Alisa Diakite, principal at Nathan Bishop Middle School. This video gives a brief profile of Principal Diakite and how she grew up going to school in Providence. She had a speech impediment while she was in school, and public speaking was something she never thought she would do. She says education can be the great equalizer in overcoming things, and that school leaders can help ensure educational equality through high-quality teaching and learning in the classroom. Principal Diakite wants to help ensure that students have the necessary resources and support they need to help them succeed. Principal Diakite is just one example of the many great leaders we have in the Providence Public School District.

2021 Scholarship Opportunities

  • There are many scholarship opportunities available for high school students! To view the full list, visit . This page provides specific information about each scholarship offered and the different deadlines that need to be met in order to apply for the scholarship. Students can also speak with their school counselor about scholarship opportunities, or access the list in their Naviance account under the Scholarship tab. AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: remember to complete the federal FAFSA form as soon as possible in order to be eligible for post-secondary financial aid. School counselors are available to help students fill out their FAFSA form.

Highlighting Great Teacher Practice - Mr. McVay

  • Meet Andrew McVay, a social studies teacher at West Broadway Middle School. As the world navigates through a global pandemic, amidst much uncertainty, Mr. McVay goes above and beyond to bring out the best in his students by making them comfortable in the classroom, to ensure they try their best, and that it won't hurt them if they fail. He adopted new teaching styles and practices during the pandemic, making sure his students are getting the education and learning they deserve. Mr. McVay is one of the many examples of teachers in the District who help make the students feel comfortable in the classroom during this time of uncertainty. 

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Highlighting Great Teacher Practice - Ms. Reynolds

  • Meet Caitlin Reynolds, an algebra teacher at Mount Pleasant High School. Ms. Reynolds has used different practices in her teaching to help align curriculums with each other. She uses different programs and resources to help her become a better teacher. Whether it's through Professional Learning Communities (PLC), the Teacher Academy at Mount Pleasant, or through her fellow math teachers, Ms. Reynolds takes advantage of the various support systems around her so she can always strive to learn new techniques as a teacher. Ms. Reynolds is just one of the amazing teachers we have within the Providence Public School District, and we appreciate everything she does for her students.

360 High School in-person attendance tracker

  • School leaders at 360 High School are doing extensive work to ensure great attendance systems at the school by using an attendance tracker. It's an excel sheet that teachers and school leaders have access to in order to check students in. It tracks if a student is present, absent, if they leave early, or if they arrive to school late. There's also a cafeteria seating chart that teachers and school leaders can use to see when students are at lunch and what table they sit at. Because of this, the attendance tracker is useful when it comes to contact tracing because you can see where the student was sitting, who they were sitting next to, and where they've been. It's an extremely useful tool for teachers and leaders at the school.